Wednesday, August 29, 2018

#RPGaDay2018: Days 28-31

WEEK FIVE [continued]: SHARE...
28) ...whose inspiring gaming excellence you're grateful for.
Everyone who's been willing to run games for Pathfinder Society at my FLGS. It's hard work to run an adventure, and even more so when you don't know who you'll be playing in your games from week to week. Naturally, some of those GM are better than others, but right now, I'd rather encourage all of them rather than call out the especially good or bad individuals. They're willing to run so that I can play, which makes it easier to give back and run more stuff for them.

29) ...a friendship you have because of RPGs.
There have been many of these! Here's just a couple of examples:

My friend Mike recruited me when his Buffy/Angel group needed to replace a couple departing players, and I quickly hit it off with the other players. The two primary GMs, Cassandra and Katie, were both very imaginative people whose other interests had a high overlap with mine. They introduced me to many cool things I would have missed out on otherwise--and also gave me a much-needed education on certain topics that I needed to be more aware of.

That's the key to making lasting friendships through gaming: Find people who you want to spend time with when you're not gaming.

30) ...something you learned about playing your character.
Well, since that old Buffy/Angel game is on my mind...

That game had a disproportionate number of PCs and NPCs who were LGBT, to the extent that there was a running joke in-game about "there must be something in the water." My character, Patricia "Trick" Tillinghast, was dubbed "straightest girl alive" at one point due to her obsession with boys and her obliviousness to her best friend's infatuation with her.

Then she went through a couple of experiences--becoming a tantric warrior of Dionysus, and being body-swapped for a week with one of the male PCs--that widened her horizons and made her confused for a time about her own sexual orientation. With the help of her therapist, she concluded that she must have always been latently bisexual, but only recently started to recognize it for what it was. Between this newfound curiosity about her feelings for women and the fact that her last couple of relationships with men had ended spectacularly badly, she effectively swore off dating men for the remainder of the campaign. Her love affairs with women were just as tumultuous, but she did manage to make one of them last far longer than any other relationship she had ever had.

31) ...why you take part in RPG-A-DAY.
I find many of the questions to be interesting, and hey, I have a blog dedicated to RPGs! So it's good practice.

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