Thursday, April 11, 2019

TBT: Madness in Freeport

Heroes of "The Ooth-Nargai Campaign" (Freeport Trilogy PCs):
(L-R): Amanashaya (cleric/wizard), Zafir (fighter), Thaddeus (rogue), Willow (gnome ranger), Ivellios (elf sorcerer)
I ran Green Ronin Publishing's original (D&D v.3.0) module Madness in Freeport in the winter and spring of 2002. By that time, I was an active member of the community on the Green Ronin Forums, and had started posting fan errata for the Freeport Trilogy. For Madness, I decided to post summaries of each session of my run, to share my own experiences with the module, including solutions to some of the weird problems that arose in play. (Most notably, two of the five PCs died halfway through the adventure, so I had to improvise heavily to keep the adventure moving forward.)

That reporting was followed by accounts of my later two Freeport campaigns, and ultimately led to my habit of posting session summaries for other, later campaigns (like "Time of the Tarrasque" and "Tales from the Yawning Portal") here at Studded Plate. In fact, being able to post those accounts was one of my chief motivations for starting this blog.

That first set of reports, for Madness, can still be found in the Green Ronin Forums Archive, at  Ronin Army (the current Green Ronin community website). I have copied those run notes to my errata site as Tim's Run Notes: Madness in Freeport. (See also my errata and notes for Madness in Freeport.)

Sadly, the complete account of my second campaign, "Secrets of Freeport" (v.3.5, 2004-2005), no longer exists online. I posted periodically in the Green Ronin Forums about the game, but the more detailed accounts only appeared on my GeoCities site. Those pages vanished when that host did, and the Wayback Machine does not appear to have captured copies.

For my third campaign, "Winds of Freeport" (v.3.5, 2011-2013; Pathfinder 2014-2016), I posted my session summaries to the Freeport forum at The Piazza. (I was more active there than at GR's forums at the time that I began them.) After the campaign's end, I archived that material at my wiki for the campaign. See the Winds of Freeport Session List for that material (as well as GM Notes for some adventures).

Finally, I hope you enjoy these very old, low-res photographs of a few of the models I built for that first Freeport campaign. My use of LEGO minifigures with RPGs predates Freeport (and D&D Third Edition) by at least a couple of years.

The Lighthouse of Drac, AKA "Milton's Folly"
Milton Drac (from the cover of Madness in Freeport)

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