Saturday, August 15, 2015

#RPGaDay2015: Days 14-15

14th) Favorite RPG Accessory
This is a hard call, because I tend not to use a lot of accessories beyond the basics of dice and minis. I prefer to invest in more gaming sourcebooks instead. But the most consistently used accessory I have isn't a product from any game company--it's the 1" gridded easel pads that I use to draw out the battle maps.

I used to be able to find them at just about any office supply store, and they were reasonably priced. But sadly, but in the past year or so (at least around here, in Lexington, KY), they seem to be disappearing in favor of Post-It Note versions, which are much more expensive and have far fewer sheets per pad. Boo.

15th) Longest campaign played
"The Kynthiad," the solo BESM 3E campaign that I've been running for my wife since 2007. We've had some periods where the game was on hold for a few months, but it's still going strong, and we've racked up over 200 sessions so far.

If you limit this question to games with a more traditionally sized group, then the longest one I've played was "Grey Angels," an alternate-Buffyverse series by Autumn Riordan and Katie Hallahan. I was an active player for 3-1/2 years (and it had been going for a season or so before I joined in). It was later revived as a forum-based game for a couple more years, but then it was shelved for good.

The longest non-solo campaign that I've GMed was "Adventures in Arcadayn," a medieval fantasy GURPS campaign that lasted just over 3 years (late 1998 to early 2002). And I'm still gaming regularly with two of those players--my wife (who I married during that time) and her best friend since college.

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