Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#RPGaDay2015: Days 1-11

I've been introduced to Dave Chapman's #RPGaDay2015 prompts through Timothy Brannon (of Buffy/Ghosts of Albion fame) and decided I'd join in, even though the month is a third over already.

1st) Forthcoming game you're most looking forward to
Blue Rose AGE Edition, by Green Ronin Publishing. I loved the original Blue Rose game, though I never did actually play it much beyond a few brief one-shots. The True20 System was an intriguing variant of d20, the setting provided a refreshing difference from typical D&D fare, and the artwork (particularly that of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) was simply gorgeous. The new game will use the AGE system first created for the Dragon Age RPG, and will expand the amount of setting material and artwork.

2nd) Kickstarted game most pleased you backed
To limit the answer to products I've already received, that would have to be either Fate Core or Earthdawn Fourth Edition. I'm going to give it to the latter because I know that I'll get to play that one when my wife is finally able to resume running her Earthdawn campaign.

3rd) Favorite New Game of the last 12 months
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. I've been playing D&D since 1981 or '82, and 4th edition was the first new edition that I didn't like better than the previous one. I've only played in one short 5E campaign so far, but it is a welcome return to D&D that actually feels like D&D.

In addition, 5E provided an excellent opportunity for one of my younger gaming buddies to run his first RPG campaign. I played a big part in getting him hooked on tabletop RPGs in the first place, so it's been rather gratifying seeing him embrace the role of GM, too.

4th) Most Surprising Game
I'm going to say BESM Third Edition. Not because the game itself is overly surprisingly--though it is a lovely system--but because it's a miracle that it ever got published at all. Guardians of Order ceased to exist as a business before this much-anticipated book saw press, but fortunately a deal was struck to have it published by Arthaus, Inc,, an imprint of White Wolf. Sadly, Arthaus never offered any further support for the game (but at least you can still buy it through DriveThruRPG).

5th) Most recent RPG purchase
Not counting Kickstarters (which lack the instant gratification of having a new toy in your hands as soon as you pay for it), my most recent purchase was Monster Codex, for Pathfinder.

6th) Most recent RPG played
Pathfinder RPG. I ran a session of my Freeport campaign the previous weekend.

7th) Favorite Free RPG
GURPS Lite. A brilliant piece of marketing, and a surprisingly good distillation of the game's core mechanics and character creation options into an easily digestible size for new players. This is what quick-start rules should be, but with pretty much just this one exception, never are.

8th) Favorite appearance of RPGs in the Media
Somewhere I still have clippings of the Indianapolis Star's coverage of GenCon from the year that I attended (2011). I was visiting my mother (who lives in the next county) at the same time, and she saved them for me.

9th) Favorite media you wish was an RPG
Harry Potter. My kids would eat this up in a heartbeat.

10th) Favorite RPG Publisher
Green Ronin Publishing. Their Freeport Trilogy is the reason I started my fan errata pages, which directly led to a number of writing and editing gigs for the Ronins. This small company knows how to make make consistently good games, which is why they're still around--and thriving--after 15 years.

11th) Favorite RPG Writer
Since I just gushed over Green Ronin, I'm going to go elsewhere and choose Kenneth Hite for this one. I was introduced to his work primarily through his Suppressed Transmission columns and his GURPS sourcebooks. "Uncle Ken" is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in Lovecraft, alternate history, high weirdness, and making your players squirm in combined horror and glee.

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