Thursday, January 17, 2019

TBT: The Orc and the Pie

Back in the early days of the Third Edition era, Monte Cook posted a joke adventure to his blog that would become a meme etched deep into the RPG collective consciousness. "The Orc and the Pie: The World's Shortest (Yet Technically Complete) Adventure: A Parody" didn't even fill a single screen of text, but it has spawned convention adventures (some run by Cook himself), "I Survived Orc and Pie!" T-shirts, and even some filk-y Firefly mash-up art.

Screencap of Cook's original adventure (archived at RPG Geek)
My own contribution was rendering the adventure into a room module for the fantasy boardgame Brickquest, in which highly modular pieces of dungeon terrain (walls, floor, doors, furniture, and other items) can be snapped together to build a dungeon complex of any size and shape (limited only by the size of your collection and building surface). I played around with Brickquest for a brief while back in 2011-12, running an adventure or two for my wife and children, but the investment of time, bricks, and storage space required to run any decent-sized dungeon was more than I was willing to commit to long-term. One of the last rooms I built for the game, and the last one that I dismantled, was based on "The Orc and the Pie": just a 10 ft. by 10 ft. room, an orc, and a pie:

Want pie? Fight me!

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