Thursday, August 17, 2017

TBT: #Drawlloween 2016

I participated in #Drawlloween 2016 here on my blog. However, I sprained my hand near the end of October, so couldn't continue for a couple weeks, and posted Days 24-28 in November.

I also drew sketches for Days 29-30, but never posted them online. Now that I have copied all my #Drawlloween work to DeviantArt (here), I have corrected that oversight.

Much of the reason that I forgot to post Days 29-20 at the time was that I never completed Day 31 ("Trick 'R' Treat"). I had intended to draw a picture of my old Buffy RPG character, Patricia "Trick" Tillinghast, in a Halloween costume. (See here and here for more about Trick.) To do her justice would have required much more time and effort than my very quick drawings from the rest of that month, and my injured hand wasn't up to it yet. To fill that void, I have uploaded an older drawing of Trick as Animal (below), which I drew back when that RPG campaign was still active.


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