Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#RPGaDay2016: Days 27-31

Day 27: Most unusual circumstance or location in which you've gamed?

I can't think of any that were all that unusual. When I started running The Kynthiad for my wife, we played the first session or two at a picnic table in a local park, but that soon became impractical (too much wind, too public, etc.).

Day 28: Thing you'd be most surprised that a friend had not seen or read?

The original Star Wars trilogy. I was 7 when Episode IV came out in 1977, so it's pretty much always been part of my own mental map. I have a lot of friends who were born after that date, but Star Wars is such a pervasive part of modern American mythology, and my friends are so heavily skewed towards SF fans, that I'm surprised whenever I learn one of them hasn't seen it.

When I worked at the LEGO Store a few years ago, my manager stubbornly refused to watch any of the Star Wars movies because the first one had scared her as a kid. Everything she knew about the franchise was second-hand, which meant she often had to direct customers with any substantial questions about that theme to one of the rest of us.

Day 29: You can game anywhere on Earth, where would you choose?

Indianapolis--specifically at Gen Con. This year's Gen Con was just a couple weeks ago, so that has been very much on my mind lately. I've been to one Gen Con, in 2011, and have been wanting to go back ever since, but scheduling and finances have conspired against it.

Day 30: Describe the ideal game room if the budget were unlimited.

A table large enough for each player's books, dice, notes, and snacks but also for a sizable map. Comfortable seating, with a good view of the table and everyone else. Good lighting, good climate control. Easy access to the kitchen/pantry (for drinks and snacks) and to one or more bathrooms. Lots of sturdy shelving to hold gaming books, miniatures, any useful reference books, and other games (of all types). And because I use LEGO for building minis, plenty of space to store bricks and works in progress, and to display finished models.

Day 31: Best advice you were ever given for your game of choice?

This comes from Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering, by Robin Laws: The primary goal of any RPG is to have fun. Your job as GM is to make your game as entertaining as possible for all participants. And don't sweat it too much: If your players are having fun, and you're having fun, then you're doing it right.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It's full of solid advice on how to go about achieving that primary goal. Players should read it, too--it will help you better appreciate the thought and effort that goes into being a good GM, and much of the advice it offers applies to everyone else at the table, too. I try to reread it at least once a year or so, just to keep Robin's advice fresh in my head.

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