Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Grey Angels LEGO minis

I recently built some LEGO minis for my "Grey Angels" characters and some of their favorite NPCs. The notes and captions below are copied from my original posts on Facebook in mid-May.

(See Nightwatch Dossier: Patricia "Trick" Tillinghast for more details of that game from past blog posts here.) 

Today I made some LEGO minis related to the Buffy/Angel RPG campaign that some old gaming buddies recently revived for a reunion arc.

Patricia "Trick" Tillinghast (redhead) training with her new girlfriend, Sophia Martin, who wants to become a Thyrian, too. (The Thyrians are essentially superpowered Amazons--like Slayers, but more so--though not exclusively female.)

Sophia and Trick, on a date.

Trick in (for now, completely hypothetical) armor based on the Minotaur, the symbol of her Thyrian Sword legacy.

Trick's ex, the witch Diana Bellefleur, who became Persephone's champion after her death several years ago. Trick is currently preparing for a quest to bring her back to life.

More Grey Angels minis, this time of Baz Olmstead, my Atlantean sorcerer, and his wife Ariel.

Ariel is a mutant Atlantean, a literal mermaid. Baz spent a very long time searching for a spell to grant her legs, so she could visit the surface world (and also change back, at will).

Ariel as Baz first met her, tinkering in her father's workshop. He pretty much fell for her right then and there--tail, grease smudges, and all.

Baz has developed limited shapeshifting powers since meeting Ariel, so he frequently grows a tail to match hers when they are together at home in New Atlantis.

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