Friday, October 12, 2018

#Inktober2018: Days 9-12

Here's one of the many reasons that I have to be grateful about changing jobs this past February: Instead of being crushed by mandatory overtime, I actually have the time and energy to do fun things like this! 

To see all my #Inktober2018 drawings, see this folder in my DeviantArt gallery.

Day 9: Precious

A mash-up of The Lord of the Rings with a poster for the movie Precious.

Day 10: Flowing 

Around this time last year, at my previous job, a couple of my coworkers were comparing experiences and beliefs about hauntings. One was a recent immigrant from Mexico, and told about a stretch of river near her home that was reputed to be haunted by a woman's ghost. It was a favorite place for kids to dare each other to go, and most succeeded in scaring themselves pretty thoroughly even if they saw nothing.

I've read enough ghost lore to know she was describing a "weeping woman," or La Llorona, though she never used the name. (She only vaguely recognized the phrase when I asked about it.)

This is my personal favorite of the dozen drawings I've done so far for #Inktober.

Day 11: Cruel

My wife Erika suggested that I draw a Game Master for this prompt. Cackling, I obliged.

Day 12: Whale

Our family discussion over dinner last night turned to Moby Dick because of today's prompt. Sadly, I'm the only one of the four of us who's ever read it. (Twice! Once for sophomore English in high school, once for an American Lit survey in college.)

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