Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Adventures in Arcadayn Revisited

Ruqayyah meets the dragon Thastygliax
In a past blog, I wrote about Adventures in Arcadayn, a homebrew fantasy GURPS campaign that I ran from 1998-2002. Arcadayn was the longest campaign that I had run at that time: three full years of playing 1-2 times a month with the same 3-4 people.

I used to have summaries of all 55 sessions of that campaign online, but that was a couple of site migrations ago. I've been wanting to correct that omission for some time, but no longer had the files in electronic form, only as a binder full of print-outs. I recently found a little over half of those summaries preserved in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, which saved me enough work that transcribing the rest no longer seemed quite so Herculean a task. I completed that project at the end of June, so the complete history of The Maidens Who Serve the Gods can now be found on my Arcadayn site.

As I read these journals again for the first time in a decade or so, I was pleasantly surprised again and again by how much good stuff I came up with for this campaign! I just wish that more of the GM notes that I had never posted online had survived, so that I could share them now.

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