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"The Lost Island" PCs for Fantasy AGE

As a sequel to my previous column converting the heroes of Death in Freeport to Fantasy AGE, I've decided to do the same with the party appearing in True20 Freeport: The Lost Island.

Because these characters are likely to level during the course of the adventure, I've also included notes about the most thematically appropriate specializations to choose at 4th level.

Spiradon the Wanderer

Spiradon is a priest of the God of Roads, but came to that vocation late in life. He therefore has the Wanderer background (Outcast) instead of Initiate.

At 4th level, Spiradon may choose the Elementalist specialization (favoring either air or fire).

SPIRADON THE WANDERER (3rd-level Human Mage)

Abilities (Focuses)
2 Accuracy
1 Communication (Animal Handling)
1 Constitution (Swimming)
2 Dexterity
1 Fighting
4 Intelligence (Arcane Lore, Navigation)
2 Perception (Searching)
0 Strength
3 Willpower

Speed 12
Health 32
Defense 12 (14 with protective winds)
Armor Rating 0

Weapon / Attack Roll / Damage
Quarterstaff / +2 / 1D6+1
Dagger / +2 / 1D6+1
Arcane Blast / +2 / 1D6+3

Special Qualities
Talents: Air Arcana (Novice), Chirurgy (Journeyman), Fire Arcana (Novice), Healing Arcana (Novice)
Magic Points: 30
Spells: arcane lantern, flame blast, healing touch, protective winds, revival, voices on the wind
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Staves
Equipment: quarterstaff, dagger, arcane device (religious icon), backpack, bedroll, hooded lantern, oil flask, traveler's garb, waterskin

Grimwade Steele

Grimwade comes from a family of craftsmen and merchants, so has the Guilder background (Middle Class).

At 4th level, Grimwade may choose either the Berserker or Guardian specialization.

GRIMWADE STEELE (3rd-level Dwarf Warrior)

Abilities (Focuses)
1 Accuracy
0 Communication
2 Constitution (Drinking, Stamina)
2 Dexterity (Crafting)
4 Fighting (Bludgeons)
0 Intelligence
1 Perception
3 Strength (Climbing)
2 Willpower (Courage)

Speed 7
Health 47
Defense 12 (14 with medium shield)
Armor Rating 7

Weapon / Attack Roll / Damage
Maul / +6 / 1D6+6
Fist / +1 / 1D6+3

Special Qualities
Dark Sight: See up to 20 yards in darkness without a light source.
Talents: Armor Training (Novice), Unarmed Style (Novice), Weapon and Shield Style (Journeyman)
Weapon Groups: Axes, Bludgeons, Brawling, Spears
Equipment: heavy mail armor, medium shield, maul, miner's pick, sack, shovel, traveler's garb, waterskin

"Mad Pete" Willowbrook

"Mad Pete" has the Criminal background (Outcast). He is a skilled knife thrower, only changing to his crossbow when he runs out of spare blades, or needs to attack an opponents beyond throwing range.

At 4th level, Pete may choose the Assassin or Sharpshooter specialization.

'MAD PETE" WILLOWBROOK (3rd-level Halfling Rogue)

Abilities (Focuses)
3 Accuracy (Light Blades)
2 Communication (Disguise)
1 Constitution
4 Dexterity (Initiative, Lockpicking, Stealth)
0 Fighting
3 Intelligence
2 Perception
0 Strength (Climbing)
1 Willpower

Speed 12
Health 38
Defense 14
Armor Rating 4

Weapon / Attack Roll / Damage
Throwing Knife / +5 / 1D6 (+1 if thrown)
Crossbow / +3 / 2D6+3

Special Qualities
Pinpoint Attack: Once per round, add 1d6 damage to a successful attack if your Dexterity is greater than your opponent's.
Rogue's Armor: Ignore the Armor Penalty of leather armor.
Stunt Bonus: Perform Pierce Armor stunt for 1 SP.
Talents: Thievery (Novice), Thrown Weapon Talent (Novice)
Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves
Equipment: heavy leather armor, throwing knives (x5), crossbow, quiver and 20 arrows, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch (x4), crowbar, lockpicks, rope (silk, 20 yards), traveler's garb, waterskin

Molly Quickblade

In True20, Molly Quickblade was an adept/warrior, combining some some minor combat powers with two-weapon fighting. This makes her difficult to convert to a single Fantasy AGE class, because she must lose either the magic or the weapon skills. I have provided two versions of the character below, one as a mage, one a warrior. Both have the Pirate background (Outcast).

As a mage, Molly is on the path to becoming a Sword Mage at 4th level. She will not be considered trained with any sword until that level, but the player may opt to replace her club with a short sword at 3rd level (taking the usual penalties for being untrained).

As a warrior, Molly is a skilled swordswoman. She may choose Mage Hunter at 4th level, or take a degree in a regular talent instead (perhaps mastering her Dual Weapon Style).

MOLLY QUICKBLADE (3rd-level Elf Mage)

Abilities (Focuses)
3 Accuracy (Arcane Blast)
2 Communication
1 Constitution
2 Dexterity (Acrobatics, Sailing)
0 Fighting
3 Intelligence (Fate Arcana)
2 Perception (Seeing)
1 Strength
2 Willpower

Speed 14
Health 32
Defense 12
Armor Rating 0

Weapon / Attack Roll / Damage
Crossbow / +3 / 2D6+3
Club / +3 / 1D6+1 [or Short Sword / +1 / 1D6+3 (x1/2)]
Arcane Blast / +1 / 1D6+2

Special Qualities
Dark Sight: See up to 20 yards in darkness without a light source.
Talents: Command (Novice), Divination Arcana (Novice), Fate Arcana (Journeyman), Linguistics (Novice)
Magic Points: 25
Spells: bloodhound, blood mark, hands of fate, puppets of fate, strings of fate
Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Staves
Equipment: club, crossbow, quiver and 20 bolts, arcane device (TBD), backpack, bedroll, traveler's garb, waterskin

MOLLY QUICKBLADE (3rd-level Elf Warrior)

Abilities (Focuses)
2 Accuracy (Light Blades)
1 Communication (Persuasion)
2 Constitution
3 Dexterity (Acrobatics, Sailing)
3 Fighting
1 Intelligence (Military Lore)
1 Perception (Seeing)
1 Strength
2 Willpower

Speed 14
Health 47
Defense 13 (14 with Dual Weapon Style defense)
Armor Rating 4

Weapon / Attack Roll / Damage
Short Sword / +4 / 1D6+3
Throwing Axe / +3 / 1D3+1
Crossbow / +2 / 2D6+2 (+1 within 6 yards)

Special Qualities
Dark Sight: See up to 20 yards in darkness without a light source.
Talents: Archery Style (Novice), Armor Training (Novice), Dual Weapon Style (Journeyman)
Weapon Groups: Axes, Bows, Brawling, Light Blades
Equipment: heavy leather armor, short sword, throwing axe, crossbow, quiver and 20 bolts, backpack, bedroll, traveler's garb, waterskin

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